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  1. Hi guys

    WIN XP, OpenOffice as a word processor, Firefox

    Just got my parents a new Laser Monochrome printer. My Dad is always trying to print things he sees on the Web - from hotel booking confirmations he gets in his in-box to articles he reads at the NYT, to pages containing tables, like those you see at a cruise ship site where the different cruise packages are being described.

    We have found that printing things like this is hit and miss - sometimes you can just click Control-P and it will print. Other times you can click the 'Printable Version' and you will get a version that works. However, this does not always work - the text is sometimes cut off at the sides.

    I sometimes try to highlight the material and then paste it into a Word Processor. This works fairly well, but not always.

    I did a search and found out about programs like Net Snippets and eSnip. However, Net Snippets is no longer being developed and eSnips does not seem to be exactly what I want.

    I need a (hopefully freeware) program that will allow me to easily cut content from a web page and paste it into OpenOffice and then print it. Actually, I do not need to paste it anywhere - as long as I can cut it and print it, that's fine. I would like the ability to take a web page with a bunch of images and just snip out the text, thereby saving ink instead of printing all the advertisements and other images.

    Can anyone suggest a good program for this?
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    have you try click on page, edit, select all, copy and paste into MS Word, then cut out tables, links, pics you don't want.
  3. Not sure if this will help but I highlight the text, right click and hit print preview, when the preview page comes up, at the top a drop down menu click "as selected on the screen". This prints only what I've highlighted.
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    Try Google Notebook:

    You can add a Notebook toolbar that makes clipping from web pages very easy.

    Since it is a web application, your clippings are only a browser page away.

    Also, it is free.

    Good luck,
  5. Thanks - yes, I did cut and paste into Word but I was looking for a solution that would allow my Dad to somehow get out of the 'cutting out' phase of the procedure. Ideally, just selectively choose elements and then print them without the intermediate step.
  6. Believe it or not, I can't find 'Print Preview' when right clicking on highlighted text in either Firefox or IE7! Not sure why that is. Of course, I can highlight text/images and then choose File-->Print Preview and get the Preview page that way; however, when I do this, I cannot see the 'as selected on the screen' option. I wish I could because that sounds cool. I'll look a bit more and see if I can find that option in the 'Print Preview' screen.
  7. [​IMG]

    Note - this was created with SnagIt.
  8. Checking out Snagit and Google desktop now... thanks guys.

    EDIT... didn't see your example above, brownsfan.

    Thanks again, I'll check that out too. The Snagit screen capture sure looks good.
  9. Sorry I can't be more help. I have ie7.
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