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    Hi all.

    SniperFX GBP/USD is interesting with ATRChannel GBP/USD, because SniperFX is conttrend system. When ATRChannel is buy, SniperFX, can sell at local high. And if market will grown, SniperFX get small loss, ATRChannel get profit. If market will down, ATRChannel get small loss, SniperFX will get profit. Stop is 50 pips. And i test like this system on historical data, it is work. And this is like hedge, margin is loked, by by/sell trades.
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    Good spotting Igor.
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    Too bad that sniper opens so many lots at the same time instead of scaling in! Losses are big when they are wrong.

  6. I say, is like rubles in pocket!!!!
    Histerical testing, is like so now and profitble, is high work4sure!

    Hodging is high recomend, 50pip be ishmeal invest for mom&poop investor!
    Me think, this be suure thang for mom&poop, 4sure!