Sniper Terrorism

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aphexcoil, Oct 16, 2002.

  1. For one, basically every time rs7 gets caught telling one of his tall tales, invariably, you start posting.

    Nah, you and rs7 routinely tube his "credibility" quite effectively without any help from me.
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  2. vvv


    now, max, don't start off on your other prize obsession, that rs7 and i are one, hehe.

    just ask the person running this site, he'll be more than happy to confirm that we are not one and the same.

    no, the reason i'm defending rs7 is, as i mentioned earlier, that he is in my book a thoroughly nice person who's been through a lot, and where there is no need for you to go play your games just because you don't like his politics.

    what about prozac, does that sound good?

    maybe it'll even be able to alleviate your paranoia, help you understand, along with confirmation from et itself, that rs7 and i aren't one and the same, not related, not even acquainted with each other in the real world.

    as hard a blow as that may be, i know that many find it hard to abandon cherished beliefs, but sometimes it's best to succumb to reality, and, as they say, things that don't kill us just make us stronger, so you should have a bright and sunny future awaiting you. and prozac shouldn't hurt on that path.:D
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  3. Like I said before: ". . . you and rs7 routinely tube his "credibility" quite effectively without any help from me."
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  4. rs7


    OK, what more can I say.
    Max wouldn't believe anything I say no matter what. Why I am indulging his obsession, I have no idea. No more. Take it or leave it. I don't really care about Max. But I do care about others, and I do care about my own credibility. So Max, enjoy making yourself and others miserable. I will put you in the same category along with Smokey-mcpaat and the other hate mongers.
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  5. ElCubano


    Good try rs7....but we all know that is Richard Simmons.....

    And its libre, not libra. good luck to you this week.
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  6. rs7


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  7. rs7


    here ya go Max!
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  8. OHLC


    Rs7, what is this funny fuzzy/whooly thing you wearing on your head ? :D

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  9. rs7


    Yeah, pretty funny how styles change. At least I still have it!!! Just shorter, and maybe a bit of gray around the edges.
    ::D :D :D
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  10. rs7


    And to you too, my friend. I picked up Michael Vick off waivers...I thought you had him? Dropped Collins. (Playing Garcia though).

    Sorry for the misspelling. I should know more espanol living in s. florida, but sadly I don't.....i stuck to the phonetic approach. :(
    Never saw it spelled..only heard it ordered at a bar:) At least I know it's rum and coke with a lime, so that should count for something:confused:
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