Sniper Terrorism

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  1. rs7


    Yes, so? Did I say otherwise?
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  2. In case you haven't been reminded lately, NOBODY CARES max!

    This may be the Chit Chat forum but that doesn't mean it is also the off-topic forum.
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  3. Yes.
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  4. Hey, can I help it if I have a hard time believing the guy skis off-piste on a glacier littered with huge crevasses and requires not only black slope experience, but also mountaineering skills and usually a mandatory local guide?
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  5. I thought it was whether rs7 served in the military (oh that was last time). Maybe I've somehow wandered into the rs7 inquisition.
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  6. OHLC


    The "cable cars" are called Télépheriques.

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  7. rs7


    Yup, and trams to us Yankees.
    And skiing the Vallee Blanche was no challenge. Max is right. Yellow marking on ski map (guide required). But difficult? A beginner could ski it. Mountaineering skills? Give me a break!!!!
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  8. " . . . and trams to us Yankees"

    How can this be rs7? By your own admission you've been to "every country in Europe," where trams run on rails;

    "I rode the tram in Chamonix up Mt. Blanc (to ski the Valley Blanc)."

    Your first mistake: There is no transportation to Mont Blanc; you take the cable car a/k/a Téléphérique, to l'Aiguille du Midi, the adjacent peak;

    A beginner could ski it? Not the run you claimed to have made. It routinely kills ten skiers a year, adding to the total of 50 or so killed for the whole Chamonix valley. Do you really think a beginner should go on an off-piste run that usually requires, depending on time of year, crampons, transciever, probe, ropes and an ice pick? This is from the l'Aiguille du Midi official web site:

    "BEWARE !! The Vallée Blanche is a high mountain itinerary (crevasses…) neither marked nor patrolled and should be undertaken by good skiers ONLY. The presence of a high mountain guide is highly recommended. Check on the weather before departure.

    Believe me, when they say "good skier," that's an understatement.

    Does this look like a "beginner's slope" to you?:

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  9. rs7, c'mon, you're starting to look bad here. please tell me you aren't lying on these boards. please...:eek:
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  10. vvv


    max, nice pic. apart from that, what on earth is your point?

    playing games whose sole purpose is an effort to undermine others credibility, i'm sure you can do better than that.

    realistically, not even you would make the claim, apart from a tongue-in-cheek statement, that you would remember every mundane detail from trips you've taken?

    of course not.

    but, on a constructive note, look what i dug up for you, it's supposed to work wonders, allegedly make you very relaxed and at peace with the world.:D


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