Sniper Terrorism

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  1. Are you not the one who mentioned other posters being in possession of nude pictures of your own wife? Even as a joke, you call that respect?
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  2. The Maryland governor may have contempt for the Second Amendment, he may violate it but thankfully he doesn't have the authority to suspend it.
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  3. Maybe the Nazi's are back ...
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  4. Yeah, I don't think he's an Islamic terrrorist. Here's my take.

    1.) The "Mr. Policeman, I'm God" tarot card business.
    That "I'm God" stuff is more characteristic of an American or at least a Western young guy, say teenage to late twenties.

    2.) If you look on any maps of where the shootings take place, it obvious he's a beltway bandit. I.e., the beltway is his stomping grounds, along with the major highways that radiate off of it. He is very familiar with driving around in these areas.

    3.) He has so far not shot anybody on a weekend, which gives the impression he can't operate on a weekend.

    4.) He using a vehicle that would stand out like a sore thumb in any dwelling where he had neighbors next door.

    My conclusion is that he and his accomplice(s) might be the son(s)
    of upscale professional couple(s) working in some sector related to the DC government, i.e. lobbyist, contractor, (or who knows? maybe a Senator or Representative?) He doesn't shoot on the weekends because that's when Mom and Dad are home. Mom and Dad probably live in a secluded area free of immediate neighbors. Mom and Dad are probably so busy and out of it that they don't even know if he has a friend with a white van, or that he been taking shooting lessons recently.

    Just my take.
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  5. Cesko


    Do you really need to ask this question???:confused:
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  6. vvv


    happily, america is starting to wake up to bush's evil warmonging, after all, who would like to admit that they are sufficiently lacking in the mental department as to be in favor of starting a war being sold with very mediocre spin doctoring and utterly lacking a substantive, factual reason:
    War Worries
    Support for Attacking Iraq Begins to Wane Across the U.S.

    "America speaks with one voice," says President Bush.
    In Washington, Bush, having been empowered by both houses of Congress to use force, seems to face very little opposition on Iraq.

    On the streets of America, nothing could be further from the truth.

    Across the nation, in city after city, ABCNEWS found voices of opposition, and many of them were from military towns.

    and, as ever, spin doctoring is fun, tackling the real problem is much harder to accomplish, hence bush's diversion tactics, also from a faltering economy, and just never mind the costs:

    The Independent
    The Bali bomb proves the need for a war on terror, not a war on Iraq

    the US signally failed to capitalise on the vast wave of solidarity that surged towards it after 11 September. Its treatment of prisoners captured in Afghanistan, its seemingly cavalier attitude to civilian casualties, the enduring belligerence of its language and its high-handed attitude towards its allies resulted in a squandering of international goodwill. President Bush's warning after 11 September that "all who are not with us are against us" now rings all too true.

    But nothing has undermined the collective war on terrorism more than the way in which the Bush administration has caused it to mutate, before our eyes, into preparations for an old-style US-led war on Iraq. The US may not yet have given up on an international effort to combat terrorism – it has forces deployed in anti-terrorism operations in places as far apart as the Philippines, Georgia and Kuwait – but the thrust of its military and propaganda effort is now Iraq. The deadly terrorist attack in Bali, once described as the most peaceful place in the world, shows the folly of that approach.

    in the same vein:

    The Guardian
    Bali proves that America's war on terror isn't working

    The US made the mistake of taking its eye off the main target
    Like the rulers of Orwell's 1984, our leaders have urged us to switch our hatred overnight not from Eastasia to Eurasia but from al-Qaida to Baghdad. Now we are to believe Saddam is the urgent, number one priority.

    Bali has proved why that is a woeful error. A war on Iraq will win yet more backing for jihadism in the Muslim world, apparently concerning all Bin Laden's most lurid predictions of a clash of west against Islam. A prolonged US occupation of Iraq will be the greatest provocation yet. But it will also be a distraction from the struggle we were all urged to join a year ago.,2763,812084,00.html


    brent scowcroft, national security advisor to presidents gerald ford & george bush senior:
    Don't Attack Saddam
    It would undermine our antiterror efforts
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    Clearly some "jokes" are in good fun. Some are not. Some can be seen as pure humor with no malice. Some can not. Your point here is irrelevant.

    I must ask.. how much time have you spent researching every word I have ever posted? Even I have forgotten that incident. I don't have the time to look for it, but I am certain it was obviously in a lighthearted spirit, and an obvious attempt at humor. Self deprecating at that. Something I see none of in your posts ever.
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    hehe, max still going strong with his spin spinning merrily away, eh?:D
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  9. Oh, I see, it's never you in the wrong, there's a new revelation.

    I read, I have a memory, that series of posts (I think you mentioned it three or four times) was hard to forget.

    Yeah, it would take so long typing "rs7" and "nude." (Now there's a revolting thought.)

    Unfortunately, at your wife's expense, a person that should be excluded from public forums in the same sentence with "nude pictures of."

    Right, you were using your dear wife as the fodder by saying another man had nude pictures of her. Very funny.

    No, self deprecation would be if your wife said it; not the case here.

    Your self deprecation is your patently phony way of lamely getting people to think you are genuine, you are a fraud.

    PS Did you ride the cable car in France?
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  10. hehe, hmm, gee whiz vvv, if you, hmm, say so, eh?:D
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