Sniper Terrorism

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  1. blah blah blah. the US is NEVER gonna be able to please the ENTIRE world. some losers (who often just don't know any better) will ALWAYS have a gripe with something the US does.

    seems to me the only group who is resorting to non-verbal means of expressing themselves are the islamic terrorists like al qaeda et al. obviously they aren't fuming over actions the US has taken in panama and nicaragua are they. flashpoint (for people like you) : these guys have it in for us no matter what! just let that thought sink in for a bit....
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  2. I know this sniper ass is going to stir up anti-gun rhetoric, especially about the gun fingerprint. The problem with the gun fingerprint is that a guns "fingerprint" will change with wear and tear. All it takes is about 50 rounds to make a guns markings change, and that isn't getting reported in the media, and that is the real reason people are against it.

    I am not a gun nut by any means, but owning a hunting/target rifle or a shotgun should always be protected, since I think that is the true intent of the constitution. I hear a lot about giving up civil rights, but then those same people want to take away our guns; doesn't make sense to me.
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  3. Are you saying that there is no motive for the terrorism?
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  4. madison, maybe if this was 50 years ago, and we had stayed out of the middle east, there wouldn't be as much flag-burning, fist waving towards america from the arabs...

    but now, in today's reality, no matter what the US does, short of selling out our values or printing "In Allah We Trust" on our money (in arabic mind you), these guys have it in for us full stop.

    it's very easy for liberal simpletons to point the finger at US foregin policy and say that's why the arabs hate us, but it goes a lot further than that...

    as i've said, the arabs, because of their backwards values, will never measure up to the west economically. they will be further and further left behind (unless they change their ways. which is possible). this has to a large degree caused them to look to their past to gain a sense of identity and to make the world "ok" (in their eyes). that past is inextricably linked to islam. islam is at conflict with practially everything that makes the west what it is. (islam as preached by the quran and hadith - which, cos its so freakin backward and inhumane, doesn't always get practised that way). look at the rise of islamic fundamentalism over the past 20 years. that's where the terrorists get their cue from. pretty simple if you ask me.
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  5. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD! sucks dont it?
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  6. true - I can't remember if it was on this forum or not, but someone made an interesting comparison between modern Islamic Fundamentalism and the Catholicism of the Dark Ages: resistance to change, fear of science/technology, supression of women, etc. - as well as the obvious societal effects (poverty, ignorance).

    but if that's the case, it seems the US hasn't helped the problem through its method of meddling and its political/industrial abuses - if this is a modern version of the dark ages, then maybe we should look to the Renaissance for solutions? Surely the current strategy isn't working.
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  7. Wait a minute, seeing how rs7 and vvv are the same person, that bastard's a hell of a shot.
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  8. we are veering way off topic talking about islam again, unless you really think that the sniper is an islamic terrorist, which I find highly unlikely. I will believe it is a lone nut, or maybe a small "militia" type group until its proven otherwise.
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  9. This doesn't seem like the work of Al Qaeda terrorists. It's possible, but everything they've done so far around the world suggests otherwise.

    Domestic based terrorism is very real. Witness:

    Oklahoma City bombing
    Atlanta Olympic Bombing in '96
    The Anthrax Letters in '01
    Various killings related to Abortion Clinics by far right wing religious nuts.

    Al Qaeda remains the number one threat to US security, but you can't get complacent about home grown nuts that strike at random.
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  10. rs7


    Max, what do you want from me? Enough is never enough, is it?
    A: I am not VVV.
    B: I think it is in bad taste to accuse anyone of these heinous crimes.
    C: You don't like me, or my beliefs, fine. Why not stick to the real issues?
    D: Are you really Mondo Trader? The guy that makes his strong arguments by calling some guy's wife a "fat hag" and his daughters "whores"? You are not embarrassed to be on the same side of this guy's arguments? Sad reflection on you whether you and he are the same guy or not.
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