sniper mastermind gets the death penalty

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. i find myself increasingly against the death penalty....
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  3. You'd rather pay $26,000 per year to warehouse this Muzzie scumbag for the rest of his miserable life?
  4. my opinion isn't necessarily because of the factually guilty people. although i do think it is too brutal, it's the innocent but convicted people i'm thinking about. just as you don't potentially send an innocent person to jail to get all the guilty ones, you shouldn't kill them to make sure you punish them really good, if this act may negatively impact innocent people who are convicted.

    the jury system isn't perfect. innocent people will be convicted. when the wrong person is executed, they can't be brought back. at least if they're in jail, new facts/evidence can be discovered, or new technology (DNA stuff) can be used.

    besides all this, it is brutal. when i see iraqi execution videos, i'm disgusted, whether the person being executed is guilty or not. what we do (lethal injection, etc.) may be a nicer version of that, but we're still executing people. i don't think advancing civilizations get more inhumane as they advance; they get more humane.
  5. actually, the avg cost of execution is >$1mil.

    from a fiscal perspective, life w/o parole is the cheapest option. and frankly, life w/o parole gives you the nicety of chuckling to the thought of this clown getting anal raped for the rest of his life with the inevitable consequence of HIV, anal herpes, etc...

    texas has spent ballpark half a billion dollars to execute their death row. (small wonder that GWB wasted a shitload of money for an ineffective deterrent in texas when he's done the same thing in Iraq, only on a much larger scale).

    regardless, although i am against the death penalty for several reasons, with its fiscal ineffectiveness being right up there, i won't lose any sleep over the DC sniper getting put down.
  6. A million bucks just to whack this creep? Shit, I'd gladly do it for free. I'd even pay my own travel expenses.
  7. if that were an option, i think that many of us, myself included, might change our position on capital punishment. :D