Sneak Peak: Market by Order DOM feature coming soon in Version 6 (Beta 2)

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by MotiveWave, Apr 18, 2019.

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    Sneak Peak: Rithmic users will be able to view individual resting orders (Market by Order) in the book in our upcoming Version 6 Beta 2 release.

    We would like your feedback on this new DOM feature in MotiveWave.

    In this video example, we added a 45 contract size filter which gives a view of what some of the large players are doing. E-Mini S&P from April 16 around the close, dark blue and red shades in the depth histogram represent orders of 45 contracts or more.
    You can see large buy orders of 500 and 495 contracts absorb selling pressure and then buyers start to push the market higher into the close.

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  2. MrMuppet


    Thats actually pretty nice. Weren't you the guy who asked for DOM feature requests? Good job translating the responses into a feature :)
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  3. MattZ

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    Looks like a good feature to add! Congrats on the integration.
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    Yes, we did. :) We made a lot of enhancements to our DOM based on user feedback. This is the latest feature to be added in.
  5. I use this software and really like it. Can't wait for this feature.
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    It's available to download now :) You'll also see the Version 6 Beta 2 Guide on the Download page for full details.
  7. Thanks for the heads up!
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  8. tiddlywinks


    Hi Leigh:

    I just wanted to say I have been looking at MW recently. I am a loonngg time SierraChart user, and changing platforms is not a trivial issue given the code I have created over the years.

    That said, the feature that really got my attention is the ability to create COMPONENT alerts, and create trades based off those alerts!! I have been looking for that for some time!! Sierra is basically a non-OOP platform and features like that require reinventing the wheel. Doable, but a large project, fraught with the perils of core platform maintenance and updates as well as the custom least in my experience.

    Anyway, the dog days of summer are nearing, and I usually use that time investigating new and improved tools and different trading instruments too. I already know there are a few specific codes I wrote for Sierra that are built-ins in MW and/or elsewhere. And I can live with JAVA when/as/if needed. Harmonic stuff is a nifty item too! MW trial is clearly on the table this summer.

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    Thanks @tiddlywinks! The component alerts feature has actually been in MotiveWave for a long time now. We have made some large leaps and bounds this year as far as functionality, so I'd be very interested in your feedback after you take the MotiveWave trial :)
  10. These alerts, are they only on a signal generated from a system, or can it be something as simple as a trend line break? Also, I saw somewhere it said it would send an SMS text, but in the guide book is only mentions email?
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