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  1. Whats my luck this past 3 weeks.

    First MOT (earnings warning)...

    ... then AAPL ...

    .. then INTC

    ... now SNDK

    Anyone still like this stock?

    Its dirt cheap right now.
  2. dinoman


    Should be a lot cheaper in weeks to come too.
  3. jhaski


    perhaps i'm dense, but i don't realize why it continues to fall. With a fourth quarter profit that beat expectations by 20% (if you substract the acquisition costs) and record revenue, why would it have fallen 10%?
  4. the guided a bit lower for q1.. but a slow q1 is a given. i thought next year is what matters here...
  5. They swung to a Q1 loss, and they said there is an ongoing (and building) glut of flash chips.

    The stock is dead money for some time, IMHO, and will probably fall further.
  6. SNDK down almost 10% in afterhours.

    Moral: NEVER bet on earnings.
  7. Revised Moral: Never bet on tech earnings.
  8. Never bet on earnings is not the right attitude I always make bets on earnings- just not on SNDK. Take a look at a site where you can overlay earnings reports and see SNDK has a habit of selling off violently after earnings reports.
  9. for next 6-12 months I think semis and flash are in problems, I state the reasons in my blog. I think recovery will not be soon. I am avoiding semis for now and even looking to short some like TXN
  10. Color On SanDisk's Quarter: Strong Results, Dismal Guidance
    in Consumer Electronics by Notable Calls on Jan 31st with stocks: SNDK

    The stock's down over 8% in early trading; Merrill: management's outlook was 'as shaky as we can remember.'
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