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  1. Great daytrading stock, trending strongly, huge ATR, and a lot of volitility. But I think the flash memory market is overrated in the long run. Why spend 100 dollars for a 1-2 gig flash memory when you can buy a 4 gig IPOD nano for 250 or any other mp3 player?
  2. Chewbacca,

    I bought a nice piece of SNDK at $22.00 and got out on the initial run-up at $34.00 making a nice piece of change. I saw some insider sales, and thought that the stock was due for a brief pullback to perhaps $30-31.

    Unfortunately, it never pulled back and I never got back in and the stock traded sideways with an upward bias . . . before exploding once again after an article in Barrons about the Ipod Nano.

    I made $12,000, but left $20,000 on the table.
    Oh well . . .
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    All parabolic moves come to an end. With the nasdaq breaking down, more fear, and lower appetite for risk, I doubt SNDK can continue to go parabolic as the Nasdaq continues to slide. I would fade a breakout to new highs 54-55.50 area.
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    Any new opinions about this stock?