SNDK - what's going on?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by VVVWaveRiderVVV, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. Anybody got an idea as to what's going on with Sandisk? A friend asked me to take a look at it and I can't see why it's down 25% in the last week on almost no news. Do we bounce at 60 or keep heading down?


  2. Possibly because it was insanely priced at 85.

    And the momentum boys, well when they dissappear does the stock price.

    See also: AZO, ERTS, et al.

  3. Traded SNDk a few times. IMHO SNDK is a highly manipulated stock. You think there is no relevant news out? Wait some time, Insiders are already aware of it and they already positioned themselves.

    Of course you can make money trading SNDK, but I avoid to do so. You think there is no manipulation in US- stocks with that a big market cap? IMHO there is and forget about SEC.
  4. Not sure it relates, but I believe Intel had a huge
    write down on flash memory which didn't sell.
    I think Sandisk makes flash.
  5. Yes, Flash Memory is what SNDK does, and it got hit by an opinion on the sector from weaker FLASH prices!

  6. Thanks everyone for the great info. The 25% drop in a week makes much more sense now.
  7. why are you so "upset" by this move? nobody was saying anything when the stock rallied oh, what 400% over nine months. come on now, the run was simply too much too soon.