SNDK down heavily

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  1. after earnings. IMHO this could be a turning point for the whole chip sector as most stocks out of it just went crazy the last 2 months and we are quite oversold. I see same parallels to AMD.
    Buy the rumor, sell the fact.
  2. My favorite short for today: FLSH. I will use a SL for this trade.
  3. we are oversold?
  4. Hello,

    Watched SNDK keep plunging in A/H last night, when it was down around 15%, or @ $59 I picked some up just below there.

    I used the SNDK Yahoo board as a sentiment indicator, the shorts were exhilarated, & the longs were gasping. Thought it would be good for a trade coming into the a.m.

    Here's my post:

    Now let's see how it goes stop slid to 60.90 here & will hold sell into the morning strength if there is any.

    L8R Kelly

    Take Care & God Bless!


    You mean overbought, don't you? At least that's how I see it ..
  6. I bought 1 unit under 59 AH , but it was only for a scalp

    got to learn to buy and hold :D
  7. Seth,

    I slid my stops up @ the open to 61.80 then trailed the 3min bars from the open, got knocked out after the 3rd bar, stop hit @ 62.50. Had .30 risk per share, & a profit of roughly 3.55 per share, close enough for a 12R.

    What do you consider a unit, 1k or less or more? TIA

    Take Care & God Bless! Kelly
  8. Thanks for the compliment!:cool: Hmmm, you scalped, that's what I thought I was doing:) , should I consider this a very short term swing trade!? LOL

    L8R Kelly

  9. Oh, sorry. Of course overbought. Thanks.

  10. Flsh trade done. Made some bucks on it. :p
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