SNDK $45 August Call

Discussion in 'Options' started by qll, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. The spread has since narrowed to only $.10 since the orginal post a day after SNDK earnings when IV was still high. Today those $2.85 calls are worth $3.30.
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  2. Dude, you're worrying about pennies and losing out on thousands of dollars in PROFIT! Forget about the spread between bid/ask, just buy some options!

    With $1000 maximum risk, you can pick up 6 Aug-47.50 calls for $1020. When SNDK moves to about $50/shr, your options will be worth about $2000. At $53/shr, your options will be worth $3500. Spread of +/- 60.00 isn't that big a deal. Why are you worried about pennies?
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  3. qll


    sndk 51.2 now aug 18th.

    another good call by ME.

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  4. Your first two posts show you were very unsure of what was going on and unfamiliar with options. If you bought them you did very well, but your posts were unclear on if you entered a position or not.

    No ET time stamp on open and closed positions means no position held.
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