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  1. ahhh!
    I have a 19'' Trinitron flat CRT monitor that I bought from Dell about a year and a half ago.
    Lately it's been making this quick "snap" sound and the image flickers once.
    I've been searching around and some causes seem to be , static discharge or too much dust inside....
    the sound usually only happens once and almost always within 2minutes of me turning the computer on.
    Just wanted to see if anyone here knows what this is. Is it no big deal? Or should I start shopping for new monitors?

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    uptick, you have more monitor probs than anyone else i know. :-D

    sounds like a video card going bad. maybe the monitor.
  3. Gee69
    I do have monitor problems!:)
    And maybe thats a good reason for anyone who's thinking about a pro firm to go to an office and use the firm's stuff.
    Since I don't have a pro firm near me I need to stay at home and deal with these problems. And deal with my girlfriends cat jumping on the desk all day...and the phone ringing all day...and the days when my girl has the day off(she's a teacher) she wants to "do something"..(hello girl! I'm working. the summer will be hell)
    but getting back to the real problem...I hope this "snap" sound is just a static discharge...and no big deal..but I figured I 'd run it by the board

    BTW, when i went to compusa to get the 2nd vid card I was looking at flat lcd monitors...I was so tempted to just pick up 2 samsung 17''ers...they were $649each, when I went back the next day they had raised the price to $709 :)
  4. I have (actually had) a Sony display and it sounds like the same problem. I heard a quick and rather disturbing "pop", the image would flicker and then return to normal. The only forewarning was, sometime prior to the popping sound, the image would have degraded slightly (i.e. become blurry).

    I don't know what to say other than, ultimately, Sony decided to replace it with a new (comparable) unit, which I should have in about 2-3 weeks (grand total downtime of over 2 months).

    Hopefully, your problem will turn out to be a minor issue.
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    That problem you are describing happens with my
    19" KDS monitor right now. But it only occurs once
    every 1 month or so for me.

    I would recommend you send it back for repairs if you
    are still covered under warranty. Otherwise, it may
    be wise to shop for a new monitor soon.
  6. Maybe the minitor is a rip off copy, perhaps of the back of a lorry.
    Or your graphics card is shagged.:confused:
  7. If your monitor has one of those cheesy built in microphones like my Compaq, try saying "Krackle Pop" right after it goes "snap". It might be some kind of code thingy going on.:D
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    do your monitor has stastic charge release button, overtime stastic build up and if you press the button it will make image blurry for a couple of second when it discharges the build up.
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    it might be a degaus feature on the monitor, some have buttons to activate it, it will make a snap/thump noise, image gets weird and discolored and then gets back to normal, my dell monitor does it once in while, some monitors have it built in and i guess it activates randomly, but i dont think there is anything wrong with it if in fact it is the degause feature going off.
  10. thanks for all the responses...I think it might be the degaus e or what ever you call it..but its weird because it hasn't made that noise until recently..
    but i guess i'll just deal with it and it it blos then I'll go out and get a couple LCD's
    Thanks again for everyone's help
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