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  2. Ok, thats it, Florida is not on retirement spot list. Hurricanes, humidity, HOT temps, rednecks still lurking about with rebel flags waving, nascar fans, scorpions and now giant snakes, FUGEDABOUTIT.................:D

    and O'YES, traffic is horrible anywhere you go in Florida. Not only the amount of traffic but also many geezer slowpokes dragging large trailers, campers, etc around. Do you think they know where they are going? Guess again.

    Many of those geezers dragging huge trailers around drive as if they came from NYC and always took a cab and actually drove very little before retiring and deciding to buy a HUGE trailer. The salesman said to the retiring geezer Jew from NYC: "Look, you can buy this thing and drive down to Fl and stay in the far left lane at 50 mph and get tons of attention from the pissed off car drivers and 18 wheel truck drivers. They will be constantly waving at you and saluting you, loads of fun for sure if you buy this trailer". ...........:D
  3. I'll never understand Florida.

    No waves, jelly fish.

    Hot, humid, Bugs....every one of them with a stinger...and all pissed off, Alligators, Snakes, Airboats, swamps

    3:00pm Early Bird Specials, old people, white shoes, shuffle board, pants pulled up to their arm pits, Bluehair, North East refugees from BedStuy, bad driving, traffic, condo's, Homeowner's Associations


    Rednecks, NeckCar, Bow hunting, Ford F250 driving mullet wearing goofs with a number 8 decal with freaking wings on it stuck to their windows. And a gotdamn number 3 stuck on the window on the other side over there where their hoes sit.

    Cubans....big gold chains, mud for coffee, T-Top Trans-Am's, Plato de Tipico.


    Child molesters…

    Jeb Bush....

    Katherine Harris...

    Hanging chads...

    Every Scam known to mankind originating out of FLA…..


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    I can't say Doc that you're off base with any of those keen observations. But just as California is profoundly different if one compares the Westside of L.A. to San Bernardino, Florida is somewhat diverse. (although not nearly much as Cal). The east coast (Atlantic) from Key Biscayne to Vero Beach (a distance of 200 miles) contains beautiful homes, great restaurants, specialty shops ect. I'd also say I see more exotic cars here than in Los Angeles. The state is home to 3 NFL teams and two each in MLB, the NBA and the NHL. However yea, if you go more than a mile west of the ocean, SoFla is a combo of Alabama, Haiti, and Bed-Stuy. I know people who avoid traveling west of US1 at all costs.

    More people are killed by lighting strikes in Florida than the other 49 states combined. In any given month one may hear of bizzaro deaths like drowning from cars driving off into canals, encephalitis, alligator/snake mishaps, the perils of I-95 (America's most dangerous strip of interstate is 95 in SoFla), and of course the plethora of run of the mill murders. Just this week a couple were shot to death in their well known men's shop in Boca Raton. Any where else that would of been a HUGE story. Random murder in upper-class suburbia, ect. Here it's just another deadly incident in paradise. Glad I'll be back in Chicago next week........