Snake Oil Sucker: George Angell

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  1. The headline says How to be $1,835,360 Win 95.12% of All Trades and Still Lose Nothing Even if You're absolutely 100% Wrong.

    He goes on to tell the story of some individuals who made it big, including a former Chicago Bears linebacker (who I must guess is Jon Najarian).

    OK, it wreaks of Snake Oil (and I guess I'm a snake oil junkie since I've bought plenty of it), but it's $40. So, has anyone heard of or dealt with George Angell? Shall I scan and upload the ad? Should I duck and run for cover.

    Still A Beginner - Chris
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  3. years ago I met this guy... he came out on my boat here in Chicago once or twice I recall. He was not a very 'impressive' person. In fact I was not impressed with much other than he seemed "nice". He lived in a small apartment downtown. Might have been a studio; and had all this financial stuff spread around, there. I recall wondering then how come he had no indicia of success. And I don't recall him saying he traded much. Don't 'think' he's ever been on the floor, either.

    I'm sure he'd remember me. :p

    But this was back in the late 80s and obviously, he's still doing the same thing he did then for a living. So what can one conclude from that? He must be doing something right!???????

    OR is it: there's a sucker born every decade (and millennium) !!!!!!!!!!!! :p


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    A 5 minute search on google shows ...

    A website:

    A few published books:

    Various registrations with the NFA in the 1980's:

    A settled reparations case with the CFTC:

    And two possible phone numbers/addresses in Florida:

    Maybe give him a call and talk to him personally before making a judgment :)


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    He published a book in the 80's called "How to Triple Your Money Trading Stock Index Futures", or something like that. It was based on the Taylor book method of swing trading, and he renamed it the LSS method. He has offered courses and workshops for $3000 dollars and more based on the same stuff. I think his recent stuff, what I have looked at in bookstores anyway, is still based on the same concepts. All of his books contain a plug for the more "advanced" courses.
  6. let me see. if he started trippling his money in the 80s he should be so rich now he could own an island somewhere. enough said.
  7. I checked out the google references prior to posting. Based on the poll, I guess I should "run like hell."

    One of the poll responders asked me to post the ad. Here it is:

    ( [​IMG] )

    If the image does not show up between the parentheses, it means I've removed it from the web server because there are no more current posts on this thread.

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    Thats amazing! Don Fishbach uses the same line in his ads to sell his material. In fact I think it is word for word. HMMM, As a matter of fact I think Don started his method selling career with Tradewins also, imagine that.
  9. only 1,835,000. thats peanuts. i can beat that.

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  10. just the title is a give away of a sucker deal. these guys should write" how i make a living off of suckers" this is like the moron who did infomercials on how easy futures trading is. can't remeber his name right now.
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