Snagit Help please!

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  1. I use Snagit a lot. I need some help. I want to capture 3-5 different charts, then put them together so they fit on 1page. I can use the "multiple capture" to capture them, and I know how to rearrange them.

    The final part of re-sizing it/putting it on 1 piece of paper has been very hard.

    Is there some quick shortcuts on this sort of thing?

  2. Why dont you just do it with Paint? Open one chart in Paint. Cut it. Open another chart. paste the one you cut, save,and repeat until you get what you want.
  3. EasyRider, Thanks for the reply. I can create the image of the cut/pasted charts with Snagit. The problem is how do I get it to print that image to fit the paper. There has to be a way.
  4. I use snagit and do a lot of adding multiple charts to show as one long or wide image that contains the different charts.

    Here are two different ways of doing it.

    If your getting you images from a website that allows linking to the images...

    Use something like Microsoft Frontpage and make your own personal html page to be stored on your computer with those embedded images on the html page.

    Then use snagit to do a single screen capture (see attachment as example).

    However, if your getting the images from a stand alone software (not a website)...

    Make sure all your charts are the same size and then save each chart as individual charts on your harddrive.

    Yet, one of those charts you will edit via using the Resize Image command in snagit and make the resizing big enough to accomadate the other charts.

    For example...lets pretend you have 3 individual images and each of them is 2 inches in length.

    One of those images you save will be re-edited via the Resize Image command and extended by an additional 4 inches.

    Thus, that new image is now 6 inches in length with a 2 inch chart along with 4 inches of empty space.

    Next...use the Paste From command and go get those other 2 images and then paste them into the empty spaces. this new image and you'll have all three of your charts in one image.

    Ok...that's a different question (printing).

    Those programs that do have the option of resizing your image during the printing process...

    Usually the image will be resized and possibly not easily viewable after the resizing during the printing process and the ability to see the charts clearly will depend upon the number of charts as a single image and the size of those charts.

    See my attachment and try to print that out and you'll see what I meant.

    If your program (whatever it may be) resizes the images (make them smaller)...can you still see their distinctive price action clearly ???

    Stand alone software gets around the printing aspect via you setting up your images (small images) so that they can fit on one paper for printing and then use snagit to copy the window that contains those images...then print.

    Yet, probably best to print them as single images along with maintaining them on your hard drive as one image with all images embedded into one large image as shown in the attachment.

    The above would give you the option of studying your charts away from the computer via printing out individual charts instead of having them resized during the printing process to fit all on one page.

    It also gives your the option of studying your charts at your computer if you save them as one image.

    Only usefulness in printing is if you plan on sharing your images with someone that doesn't have access to a computer at the time of sharing or you plan to lay them on your desk for quick reference during the trading day.

  5. Niha, Thanks for your detailed post. I'm going to try and do it this afternoon. I usually print out charts just for records on the fly etc...Kind of like a quick snapshot of that day. Thanks again Niha!
  6. BB,
    If you have a saved .gif file etc. from the multiple charts, etc. that you have put together and now need to resize this .gif into something smaller, I would suggest this free program:

    Very easy to take a graphic file and resize it to your needs!