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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by ISEman, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. ISEman


    Has anyone interviewed w/ SMW Trading? Any thoughts?
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    I shoud also ask if anyone knows about the firm, their reputation, or has anything to say about it. All input is greatly appreciated.

  3. Urkel


    I know a guy who was trading the Dow with them in the pit at the CBOT. The firm from what little I know is legit and has good training. Are you interviewing with them?
  4. ISEman


    I am interviewing w/ them. I was just wondering what to expect and what their reputation is.
  5. mercurio


    I am also interested in them. Do they provide paid training?
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  7. RedSkyRep1

    RedSkyRep1 Red Sky Securities

    I can say that I know the principals at this firm and think that they are good/stand-up guys.
  8. They pay a short-lived salary, just for a few months. After that, it becomes a draw.
  9. I worked there for 6 + years. If you want to trade on the floor, then they are ok. It will take you 2+ years to actually trade. The training program is ok. Not the best out there, but they do have a structured class schedule. If you want to trade off-floor I would say look somewhere else.
  10. Training OK??? #What's better?
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