SMW Trading Company

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by InTheZone, Feb 22, 2003.

  1. Any thoughts or comments about SMW Trading Company?

    Good training program?

    Reasonable fees?


  2. These firms are a dime a dozen. Who can keep track of 'em?
  3. burnin


    I know that they have had a presence on the Chicago exchanges for decades.

    They've been around for the long haul, so goldenarms characterization of SMW as being one of a "dime a dozen" is just not accurate.

    Wish I could offer more:confused:

    Good Luck
  4. SMW has been around the Chicago Markets for a long time and they have some very good traders. I would say that anyone that describes tham as part of the crowd that is a "dime a dozen" doesn't know what he is talking about. SMW could be clustered in the top 10 firms in terms of stability and reputation.


  5. Typical path of SMW traders are fresh out of college with good grades specially in Math. Clerking/runner for 6 mos. to a year then getting sponsored for a seat. This is what a real prop firm is. Not the dime a dozen ones. No $ risked just sweat equity by the traders in return for 0% losses and 50% profits. Good ones I know are good for 25-50 lots at a price level in options and would have "sick" theta in return for 5 figure paydays if futures move. Wish I was one of them is all I can say.
  6. Sorry for lumping this firm with the dime-a-dozen sub-LLC trading groups. That was my first impression from looking at their cheesy website. My bad!
  7. For more about SMW and their trading program, checkout the first interview with Dr. Sid Katz in the book "Trading Chicago Style". It was this interview that made me curious about SMW.