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  1. Sold SMSI @ 15.20 bought the other day at 14.00. Only a measly gain - I'm looking to reenter again.

    Holding onto NVTL - got in at 16.00 with a stop loss at 24.00.

    Holding onto TTES - I might have to sell @ a loss soon.
  2. Got FRPT at 21.20 - I wished I would have back the truck up. Anyways, I'm tempted to unload TTES - I'm waiting just a bit longer.

    Holding off on SMSI - seems like the momo is dead. I'll get back in if it hits the low 14s.
  3. Absolutely, beautiful. Why can't I have days like today all the fucking time. All this negativity and the markets are flying - what the fuck gives..
  4. Got out of TTES for a $10 profit. I should've held on it because it could retest the highs. But I don't give a shit - I'm just glad I got out even since I was down $2k yesterday on this POS.
  5. Got stopped out of FRPT on thurs at 22.25. Damn, I knew I should have dumped it at 23.50. At least I made a point off of this POS - if it goes below $20 - I'll be a buyer.

    I picked up SPAR at 16.70 - I'm hoping for 3 points.
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    nice job bro. keep up the good work.
  7. NVTL - still holding - I'm looking at $30 based on a rough EPS of $1.21 for 2007 at a PE of 25. However, I won't hesitate on selling if this POS hits $25.

    SPAR - woohoo.. 1 point jump today - still in it.

    FRPT - got back in at 21.20 - I missed the 20.50 buy in this morning.

    If the markets are weak tomorrow - I'll plan on liquidating my weakest position(s).

    TTES - I just knew this bitch was gonna hit 34.50. I got out the other day to break even at 32.60. I should have waited and bought at 30.50. Anyway, I think TTES might be a long run winner.

    Runs I missed out on..

    JASO at 21.. I had it before earnings and lost a bit on it. I still believed in it and did not pull the trigger because at the time the Solar sector was getting crushed.

    GTLS at 25 - just frozed on this one - don't know why - but i did..
  8. Afterhours for SPAR and FRPT - nice 3%..

    Let see what happens in the AM.. The government wants to spend more of the taxpayers money on MRAP - very nice...
  9. FRPT got stopped at 23.00 - what a POS I thought it would at least make it to 25.00. I'll get back in on thursday if the pricing is right.

    CSUN - interesting drop - I might have to get in on this dog on thursday. It might do a JASO run where JASO tank after earnings and then ran two weeks afterwards.
  10. I'm still trying to figure a good exit strategy - obviously I don't have the time to look at the screen all day.

    For today's example FRPT was up to 23.64 and I was hoping for a run to 25 so I just put a stop in at 23.00 then I got stopped out. I had a chance to get out at 23.45 several times but I didn't.

    Another example is SPAR - It touched 19 and closed at 18.18 - I'm still holding it.
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