Sms from your excel automated system?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by travis, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. travis


    Is there a way for an excel automated system to send sms (via web) whenever it makes a trade?
  2. I have excel send an email to a account, which forwards it to my phone. Works in the UK, I don't know about elsewhere.

    If you (or anyone else) needs the code to get excel to send emails, let me know and I'll post it.
  3. toby


    I need the code.

    Thanks in advance!
  4. travis


    Libertine, a few hours after posting this thread, I realized as well that there's no need for sms, because my cell phone provider actually sends me emails right away, just as if they were sms, without the need to forward anything (no need for "sms to email" web site).

    As a consequence, I looked around and found a few scripts, but so far the only script that sends a message, without attaching an .xls file to it seems to be this (I couldn't try it yet on my system):

    Let me know if your code is any better than this, and please post it on the thread.

    Thank you.
  5. That code looks fine. Who is your cell phone provider??
  6. travis


    Ok, I got it. Ron de Bruin's code works. His advice here on deleting my xlb file solved my problem, and now his code works.

    Very useful link on solving problems of sending emails from excel:
  7. travis


    Wrong. I spoke too soon. I rebooted my pc and somehow it doesn't work anymore. Now I get "automation error" again...
  8. travis


    Ok, those two guys aren't replying in either forum or privately. So here's my specific problem.

    The most efficient method for sending emails from excel seems to be ron de bruin's code:

    It works perfectly if I take out the commented code and I fill in the address of any regular smtp server (port 25), but it gives me problems with the http Hotmail server (port 80), which I must use in order to send emails to my cell phone.

    If I use the commented code with the server settings, I can't get it to accept any settings (excel does connect to port 80, but it doesn't send emails).
    If I don't use the commented code and leave it as it is, it won't let me send anything. Except once with Hotmail indeed, but I can't remember what settings I was using, and I am still trying to figure it out.

    I also read - but they didn't solve my problem - all of ron's recommendations on this page:
  9. travis


    Ok, it finally worked. Here's how I did it.

    The basis for everything is Ron De Bruin's script here:

    Now I had countless problems for 2 reasons.

    1) My DSL provider blocks all smtp connections to anything but their smtp server.

    2) My DSL provider refuses to send emails (that then turns into sms) to my cell phone email address

    As a consequence, I couldn't use Hotmail's smtp server (which would send email to cell phone), because it won't let me, but also I couldn't use my DSL provider, because it won't send the emails to my cell phone.

    So I modified settings in a mixed way.

    You take Ron De Bruin's script just as it is, and leave all the commented code as it is - commented.

    Then, very important, on Outlook Express, you use as a default account your DSL provider (all applies to my specific case), but you do not specify any settings for it, I repeat, on De Bruin's script. I am not positive it helped (too much cross checking required), but I also did 3 other things:

    1) I set up a Hotmail account as a second account on my Outlook Express, and

    2) I wrote my hotmail address in the field "from" of the script.

    3) I removed MAPIX=1 on the file win.ini (against his advice):

    Then it worked!!!

    It basically still sends mail through the Provider's smtp, but it seems to fool it somehow, and gets my email-sms through. I think the most important thing is to set it up as default account on Outlook Express, otherwise you have to specify the server's settings on the script, and in that case for sure it doesn't send my email-sms anymore.

    End of problem? Not yet.

    Because then I didn't like the fact that these sms didn't reach my phone immediately, but sometimes only after 10 minutes.

    So I opted for this second method.

    I send messages to my cell phone EMAIL address (not the EMAIL-SMS one), which in turn sends me, for free and in an unlimited number, and immediately, an sms telling me that I received an email. But also, I modified the script so that instead of "", in the sender's field it says "openlong@price.which_parameter_triggered_trade". It's the best solution for me.