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  1. Which futures markets exhibit the smoothest most clearly defined intraday trends. From my limited observations I would say T-bonds. They had a very smooth clearly defined uptrend this morning. But I have only been watching them for a little while. What do you think? Also what is the relationship between level of speculation and trend quality/volatility, if any?
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    I'm trading 6e and 6b (Eurex and GBP) recently and it's just amazingly easy comparing to ES or NQ. Very clear trends. Big waves and clear retracments.
  3. Excessively volatile markets are more likely to have an excessive number of speculative participants, i.e. stock indices, crude oil, soybeans, gold, silver et al. :cool:
  4. Jesus christ what kind of stupid question is this? What do you want? A instrument that trades in a straight line to tell you whats happening?

    Even then, would you still believe in the trend if it were a straight line? Seems to me you got a problem with seeing and believing - NOT GOOD
  5. a little off topic but, have you ever been punched in the face for talking too much? just curious.
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    General rule of thumb: the fewer speculators, the smoother the trend.
  8. And the more dangerous if you don't pay close attention..
  9. I like 6J, too.

    At $6.25 per tick it's almost the same as YM.

    Well, almost $6.25 per tick. Sometimes it goes up a tick and then back down to my entry price and OEC says I'm $0.01 in profit :confused:
  10. Actually the most volatile stocks are thinly traded.
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