Smoking weed and trading

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  1. It has been discovered that the brain manufactures proteins that act like marijuana at specific receptors in the brain itself. This may lead to new marijuana-like drugs that are not harmful to our bodies. It has been shown that several small proteins, called peptides, from the brains of mice have the amino acid sequence similar to one that can be found in cannabis. The extracted proteins were then compared with another peptide previously known to bind to, but not activate, the receptor (THC) affected by marijuana.
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  2. I'm not entirely sure about this idea, however, it seems as though it could work for some people. I almost feel like it would cause a disservice rather than benefit my day trading.

    So the weed makes you feel calmer and more focused? :confused:
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  5. I was talking to a guy the other day who used to deck houses. If you've ever tried walking on new OSB board on a 10/12 pitch and steeper 40 feet off the ground you know what scary is. He said he smoked weed everyday before work but when he tried walking the steep roofs and tall plate lines sober he was shaky as hell.
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    lol I would hold the trophy up with honor!
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  8. See, that's what I keep saying: you will never please everyone. Especially people with the attachment problem like that guy.
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    Please continue the experiment and give us follow up reports. I am very curious about this.
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  10. this is mirage ,don't fool yourself,i am professional driver driving mostly in the city,and I can tell by own exp weed or alcohol will substantially reduce my ability to perform,concentation,reaction time and so on goes down a lot,this is proved over the years ,I have long driving record and can see a difference,and the longer I do it the worse are the results,trading is similar to driving and I mean driving aggresivly like I do,not like m,ost ppl here half a sleep all day long,green light time to move and they still sleeping ,by the time they wake up I am already at next intercection and I am driving oversized vehicle compared to their cars,trading like driving aggresivly you need to be top shape,dont get me wrong weed,beer wine certainly feels nice but I will never believe it wiil improve your trading or driving or another example I do bodybuilding for 3 years 6 days a week ,weed or alhohol
    considerably reduces my results and energy level,those egzmpl all by my own exp ,best way be sober eat healthy exercise and you will be in top shape to perform ,by the way I am 40 years old have very good health ,all my life I just had few times flu,even that just for 2 -3 days and I am back,and yes I was drinking and smoking tobacco/weed for 20 years ,on /off ,mostly on ,but when I don't I can SEE A DIFFERENCE wanna be in top shape be sober
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