Smoking weed and trading

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by bat1, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. bat1


    Never thought smoking weed would help

    with my trading but it sure does

    I'm more relaxed and in the ''now'' with my trading....

    my P/L sure is better after 30 days of trying this

    Just wanted to pass this along is all...
  2. Is it sustainable long term?
    I am always open to things that work :)
  3. NY_HOOD


    You take some of the anxiety out of your decision making. Find a different outlet, long term weed can cause health issues.
  4. Then there's the 5% of the population on Earth that doesn't like to drink, and then they get libelled for overcoming their need for intoxicants when they completely abstain from anything else.
  5. BSAM


    Brother Bat...does this help you in seeing higher highs, etc.?
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  6. My chess game seemed to improve enormously after about two pints of beer .... of course after I socked back several more pints my opponent started to complain about me moving HIS pieces.

    Careful you don't overdo a good thing. You might give it all back. :D
  7. if you have access to quality dispensary stuff then sure..
  8. Weed makes me paranoid, so I haven't traded while stoned. However, I have found a good blowjob during a trade makes the trade move in my favor more often than not; and if it doesn't, I'm not stressing even if I get stopped (or tapped) out. :)
  9. Personally, I like smoking fine cigars in between trades for the same purpose.
  10. emg


    does Nik needs to smoke weed to maintain his psychological balance?

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    The answer is no because he is natural and successful at controlling his mind

    More than 90% of small traders lose! They just lose!

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