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  1. Things get so confused here at the " office " that I read sh*t and can't remember where I did- I'll find it later and post. The company in question is Research Frontiers (REFR). Their technology is being shipped in windows they let in more light and save electricity, blah, blah. It sounded really green and really right when I read it. Now I've lost the research but I didn't let this stop me. I just bought some despite a 30% runup yesterday! Say a prayer for the stonedinvestor!
  2. Ok here it is. When you read enough of these PR's certain things pop out as wow that could be really huge. Transformative stuff-- think of all the windows in all the new construction in all the major metropolitan cities... and it's tough to put a price on this technology. What a fun play! Did I just say that? Lets make some $ first before deciding how " fun "it is. Let's save the earth together folks! And BUY REFR!!!!!!

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    Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. Begins Sales and Delivery of Wide-Width SPD-Smart Film for Smart Windows to Innovative Glass Corporation

    Published: February 01, 2007 10:02 AM

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    SPD Film to Fill Existing Orders
    TOKYO & PLAINVIEW, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--February 01, 2007--

    Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. (Hitachi Chemical), and Innovative Glass Corporation announced today that shipments of wide-width SPD-Smart(TM) light-control film from Hitachi Chemical's newest coating line have commenced. Innovative Glass has purchased and received rolls of Hitachi Chemical's film and is now in production of its E(GLASS)(TM) SPD-SmartGlass architectural products.

    This marks the first time SPD-Smart film from Hitachi Chemical's new wide-width coating line has been sold and delivered for architectural smart glass. The film electrically controls the amount of light, glare and heat that passes through windows, doors, skylights, interior partitions, light pipes, glass blocks and other products, via manual or automatic control. Long rolls of SPD-Smart light-control film can easily be shipped from Hitachi Chemical's production facilities in Ibaraki, Japan, to customer locations across the world where it can be laminated locally into smart glass or plastic products.

    Hitachi Chemical and Innovative Glass Corporation are licensees of Research Frontiers Incorporated (Nasdaq: REFR), the developer and licensor of patented suspended particle device (SPD) light-control technology.

    Hitachi Chemical's film sold to Innovative Glass is over one meter wide and is being used to fill a backlog of architectural orders that Innovative Glass has for its E(GLASS) SPD-SmartGlass product line. With a turn of a dial, users can control light coming through E(GLASS) from optically transparent to blocking over 99% of visible light, and it can be tuned to any level of tint in between. All of this can be done instantly to increase comfort, preserve views, and conserve energy. E(GLASS) products using SPD film also block over 99% of harmful ultraviolet light, reduce noise and increase security.

    Steve Abadi, Chairman and CEO of Innovative Glass, noted: "We have been working with Hitachi Chemical and Research Frontiers collaboratively to meet the demanding needs of architects, developers and consumers for state-of-the-art light control. Hitachi Chemical's responsiveness and determination to increase their production capacity and supply a durable, high-quality film in wide widths and high volume addresses the recent increase in demand for energy-efficient, "green" building materials and innovative designs, along with the broad trend towards the use of more glass in homes, buildings and automobiles. Although we had received early film samples from Hitachi Chemical's pilot coating line, the first rolls of SPD-Smart film from Hitachi Chemical's high-capacity coating line have now been delivered to us for use in various construction projects. This new wide-width film has the widest range of light transmission and fastest switching speed when compared to other technologies we have evaluated. The clarity and dynamic range is outstanding, and our clients are eager to experience the power, control, and other benefits of SPD-SmartGlass. We are convinced that this is the glass of the future, and our customers agree."

    The SPD variable-tint technology permits the electrical control of the amount of light passing through glass or plastic windows, sunroofs, sunvisors, and other "smart" products in the architectural, automotive, aircraft and marine markets. By simply controlling the voltage applied to the patented SPD film, the user can automatically or manually control the amount of light that passes through the device. Unlike conventional shading technology, SPD technology permits the user to control light, heat and glare and block UV without blocking one's view. Its dark state permits less than 1% of visible light to pass through, a level that far surpasses published data on any other switchable material.

    Further distinguishing itself from other switchable glazing technologies, SPD technology also responds rapidly and uniformly over large surface areas, consistently regardless of panel size, and with a wide range of light transmission.

    The film is made using a chemical emulsion manufactured by Hitachi Chemical and coated onto a thin plastic film. This film is then incorporated into a variety of "smart" products manufactured by other companies where variable light control is desired.
  3. Just curious: does this company deal with 1,000w metal halides and high-pressure sodium lights? :cool:
  4. Good question Austinp! I have no idea!

    Thinking about buying more REFR today, not getting a lot of help from the ET crew, stock SURGING a bit up
    12%. Anybody have a handle on this company?
  5. REFR surges again & runs to test $9, now +$1.28
    or 16% where is my stonedinvestor love? By my count in one week I have given six trades that yielded over 10%....
  6. Making money in REFR.
    Yes It Is Legal.

    Press Release From Stoney Enterprise (New) Inc.
    For Immediate Release.

    Stonedinvestor has decided that if he is going down- it's going to be in a big ball of flame called REFR. I can only tell you that you have so many stocks in a spread out portfolio and every once and a while you just have to say F*it and go " all in "

    How many windows are there in the world?
    I've decided that this is where my future is going to be.
    Window Replacement Cycle.
    I guarantee this is the first time you will ever have heard that phrase in an investing board. But I think I'm on to something. It's time to go GREEN with windows.
    Technology has been good to many other far flung sectors- like auto parts....

    $10.20 is key resistance and we have been turned away several times the last few days. I just bought more ruining my cost basis which had a nice quick 15% profit ... every one stock in a thousand goes to the moon in my world... could this, would this, should this be the one?
  7. Hi just took a look at REFR Holy Shi* Why are none of you telling me how great I am? In the face of this decline was there any one else on Elite Trader putting out a good idea today?
    REFR gets a KEY break out over 10.20 resistance & surges past $11. Now +$1.90 today!
    ST Target $12 something.
  8. Guess they figured you knew you picked a winner. LOL. I have had this one on my radar and jumped on it today as well. Missed the 1st .50 cents but hey...

    1.75 ain't bad a clip.

    I had about the same luck this week. Very minimal gains. Really choppy 1st 3 days for me.

    REFR made up for it. LOL. Oh.. and XIDE Yesterday.

    Happy Trading. :)
  9. topdown


    WOW Stoney, I was just checking on some of my watch list stocks and noticed this gain in REFR. Hate I didn't play it. That should have made up for the pain on your ENER hit anyway.

    I'll give you another highly speculative stock that just may pop like this some day. ALTI - A small nanothech play that is into all kinds of stuff (too much for my liking anyway). What I do like about them is their rechargeable batteries for use in hybrids / plug-in vehicles.

    I have been holding ALTI for some time. In hindsight, I should have switched out to the REFR play. There is just so much room for what I consider highly speculative. Anyway congrats yo you for a great call.
  10. Topdown I thank you and will do some DD on ALTI!

    With the spec vs steady stuff I run into the same problems. The way to make everything work is you got to suck it up and buy some big stuff- even if it's just 300 shares. The % moves are just to great with the small stuff to get a balanced portfolio. Having just 300 shares in a powerhouse like WFR or GS can make it all work.

    re REFR. I have absolutely no reason to think this except blind hope- I believe this pick is going A LOT HIGHER. Like 100% more HIGHER. I have spoken to architects about the new window technology and a few things pop out. (1) It works. (2) you can on paper show a developer that although it may cost more initially they recoup their investment and then the windows start paying for themselves in oil savings. (3) Many tightwad developers are still not going for it! (4) Some are and as the word gets around about how happy they are with their green buildings and their tax credits etc and money saved for fuel... this is a wave that is destined to roll over the new building community & in time I believe we will be able to convince management of existing structures to yank out their windows and put the REFR technology in place.

    Will REFR license out this technology to a massive glass player? Probably not. Will REFR sign more deals and roll out more press releases and really goose the price? Yes. Could they get bought out by Anderson or some other manufacturing giant- even a Corning....
    That's how I am thinking at the moment.
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