Smokin' Rally or Smokin' Crack

Discussion in 'Trading' started by duard, Mar 21, 2007.

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    Smokin' something.

    Broad based rally with institutional strength. The ship has set sail again. May be some pullbacks but we're going up to new highs.
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    From Sentimentrader:

    Things continue to look quite good in the intermediate-term. We've now had two days in the past month where up volume surpassed down volume on the NYSE by more than a 9-to-1 ratio. This is the 37th such instance since 1950, and three months after the other occurrences, the S&P was positive three months later 83% of the time by an average of +6.0%. Most impressively, though, the average maximum loss during those three months was a miniscule -1.8% compared to an average maximum gain of +8.6%.
  3. Smellin' crack.
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    Marketimer © Special Subscriber Message

    March 19, 2007

    We are very pleased with the stock market correction process that has unfolded in recent weeks. As a result, we now rate the stock market as attractive for purchase on any weakness that may occur in the vicinity of the S&P 500 Index 1380 level or lower.
  5. fuk brinker hes still holding them fkin q's from yrs back he wanted everyone to buy ???
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    back to buying on weakness......:p
  7. the last three days tape has institutional buying written all over it, imo.

    automated accumulation of the SPYs... the line has been drawn ;)
  8. Doji or a inverted hammer tomorrow?????

    Well, we have two alternatives.
    1) End of Retracement, then down.
    2) Take out those old highs.

    LoL. Genious.:D
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    This was telegraphed with options a few days before.

    I was like wha?!? Then, Oh Yeah!!!

    Then bam like clockwork the orchestrated fleecing of John Q. Public as Morgan Stanleys' blow-out earnings, GS blowout earnings et. al. demonstrate so clearly. Ahem, "The private equity arm has been, um, extraordinarily successful propelling earnings to new highs......

    New high, top tick down. Rinse--repeat.
  10. Ben Stein of Yahoo Finance says subprimes not a big issue. He says:

    "Today, the reason is supposedly terror in the subprime mortgage market. To put this as frankly as possible, this is just nonsense.

    Even if subprime delinquencies and defaults are up, they're a tiny portion of total mortgages. Suppose 13 percent of subprime mortgages are in default. Subprime itself is less than 15 percent of total mortgage debt, so that means that roughly 2 percent of mortgage debt is delinquent or in default."

    He also recommends a buy the dips strategy.
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