Smog in Beijing much worse than smoking. "Thought it was snowing"

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  1. The tender mercies of Communism never filter down to the people. The truth about the quality of life never filters out to the rest of the world.

    China has raw sewage in three fourths of their waterways, air pollution that is far, far worse then they will ever report; the place is a commie shithole. They have very [22%] high unemployment and an unbelievable number of riots, some last for days... and people are selling us the idea that China will be a world leader and will have the reserve currency!!
  2. ChDong


    China will be top superpower
    the problems with pollution can be fixed in 3-4 years once government gets serious.

    It's not the Chinese work or cleanliness or the fact they fart openly that will be the deciding factor
    It's a little thing called nationalized Central Bank that doesn't put country into unpayable debt

    Don't worry American, you'll figure this out eventually :cool:
  3. a white guy living in a million dollar house and drives a luxury car but with an upside down mortgage and car lease that needs to sell his furnitures and jewelry each month just to meet the debt payment, vs a Chinese guy living in a basement and rides a bike but with a million dollar in his bank account. Who do you think will last and be on top? (short of the white guy goes to the basement with a gun and shoot the Chinese in the face and take his money).

    your redneck(and wrong) comments just shows how ignorant you are, this is nothing more than a blip in the grand scheme of things.
  4. China has nowhere to go but down into it's sewer. lol
  5. Ahh yes, the Chinese workers have nothing to lose but their chains!! So far they have moved from the countryside to the labor centers and then found themselves unemployed and living in a polluted shithole. China is just going through the industrial revolution, time for the Revered Karl Marx to step in and save the day!!

  6. Open revolt in China.

    The U.S. should help these innocent villagers in Wukan against the Chinese government.
  7. Or... maybe we should just BUTT OUT!
  8. "Although China suffers an estimated 180,000 “mass incidents” a year,"

    Yep. The Chinese government has things going pretty well over there.
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