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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by siafx, Jan 10, 2012.

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    I have a dumb idea for which I would appreciate some hefty criticism.

    SWHC was trading at $20 plus in 2007. When the current US President was elected it went down to $5. It's been there or below through today. My crack pot idea is to buy deep OTM calls, say $12 strike, and see if a new president will cause this particular stock to rally back to $20?

    Just thinking...
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    from another thread-gun sales in US at all time high.why S&W is down? just curious
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    Glock is the best selling hand gun in the USA. Use by police, military and for personal use. Smith and Wesson might not get enough benefit from reduced fire arms bashing.
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  5. siafx


    I don't believe it's possible to buy shares in Glock here in the USA. Maybe OLN would be the better buy and hold play.
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    Correct. My point is that if hand gun sales increase, S & W might not benefit. Hand gun sales are the most affected by politics. When there is the perception that it will be difficult to buy a gun in the future, people go out and horde guns. If they feel that the purchase of guns will be easier, there is no rush to buy expensive items. Either way, I would not buy S & W looking for a better climate for their products.
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    Actually i agree with much of your comments[not a prediction,LOL]
    S& W has been, & still is a great, [somewhat exspensive for a new stainless steel model]quality brand...

    Problems/ oppurtunitys include ;
    comps like Glock, Colt ,Ruger Remington,R uger[RGR}Winchester...

    Its true Colt doesn not have the new volume it did;
    but SWHC has a nice uptrend, but negative earnings,
    and as IBD notes, below $5 is a danger sign to bulls.

    Good , quality question.:cool:
  8. A bit off topic, but I have a 1941 P-38 9mm, and it shoots straight and true. The beauty is it is unregistered, so any turds who cause me a problem can be made to no longer exist and it will be untraceable.
  9. Glocks are crap but it has an interesting history. In fact a book is coming out about it, just heard the interview on NPR while I was getting pulled over for a speeding ticket.
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    What don't you like about them?
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