smell the fascism

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  1. sad reality of neo-america:
  2. Funny you bring up the subject of Fascism, since you are from the
    birthplace of Fascism, Italy...

    Does your "neo-america" compare to good ol' Benito Mussolini's Fascist Italy?

    How close are they to each other? I mean really? How close?...:eek:

    Maybe you hate America because Italy got's it ass handed to
    them in WWII?

    Or you are embarrassed that Benito aligned with Hitler?

    It's now obvious to me why your posts are anti-American.
  3. u see....only a deranged lunatic like u can say i am anti-american if i criticize the govt. the only scumbag anti american, anti-life, anti-rights, anti-truth it's u. pests like v77, with no intuition whatsoever, born to think like defective bots should get rid of, and the sooner, the merrier.
  4. I know your not anti-American, Bit. Sometimes though it appears that way.:)

    What's ironic is that America is WAY freer than Europa. Italy doesn't even have habeas corpus.
  5. that's funny, the article i posted comes from a website called '[american] patriot'.

    hope u have been sarcastic about the habeas thing or that u may have misunderstood it's meaning.
  6. Well... Yes and no. Would you have made that statement back when you had an illegal drug habit?

  7. I puff almost daily RM.

    As far as I know small amounts of pot (i.e. under an .oz) are pretty much a non-issue in most states.
  8. "The following events are currently spread throughout the Italian news media (e.g. Corriere della Sera, 16th November 2002):

    Continental Europe's inquisitorial justice system was once again seen in action yesterday when thirteen Italian youths were arrested and imprisoned on charges dredged up from Mussolini's criminal code (still in force), viz "Subversive association", "Political conspiracy" and "Attack on the personality of the State" (in Italian, "Associazione sovversiva", "Cospirazione politica", "Attentato alla personalità dello Stato")."
  9. yeah and u can do the same. that episode was after serious clashes in piazza and a murder, someone even called that event a civil war; those guys belong to a well known very violent movement from the south, they are not exactly pacifists. still, i condemn it, italy is the biggest bureaucratic, red tape ridden country in the world, with laws that contradict each other and taxes over existing taxes that by all means are illegal. long way to go in my country as well. on the other hand we are not introducing new laws every day that shred the constitution and destroy our liberties, so in this respect your country is winning the downhill race by miles.
  10. jesuits get to smoke pot?
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