Smear of Herman Cain Echoes Attack on Justice Thomas

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AAAintheBeltway, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. It's almost the end of the year and the Cain train is not derailing going into 2012.

    Obama is in PANIC MODE now.
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  2. Nah, the GOP loses the South if they put Cain up there. The rednecks live in the country, they will not vote, as the nation has been taken over by "the blacks"

    That means urban areas will carry every state. The GOP knows this, no way Cain gets the nomination. It just will not happen. Did you look at the heat map of Dems vs. Pubs in 2008?
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  3. I'm not entitled to an opinion? Have I ever predicted that any of the names mentioned would get the nomination?

    I do respect and admire Palin, Bachmann and Cain. Certainly any of them would be far better than the community organizer/radical activist we have now.

    I'm not exactly surprised by the Cain story. I have said many times that President of the United States is not an appropriate starter job in politics. I said it about Ross Perot, I said it about Trump and i said it about Cain. Whatever benefits there might be to holding lesser office, at the least it tends to flush out any scandals and other embarrassing issues, at least if you are a conservative republican. Of course, for liberal democrats, particularly minorities, different rules apply and the media see their role as protector.
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  4. It will be interesting to see if this is the way it plays out. I doubt it, because the vast majority of conservatives don't see things in terms of race. That is a liberal obsession.
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  5. I presume you live do actually live in DC. If so, do some travelling and then get back with me on the race thingy:)
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  6. So how do you explain in almost every poll in the South, Cain polls at or near the top?
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  7. Just joking with you AAA, didn't mean nothing by it.
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  8. The polls do not include rural areas. I can almost guarantee that. Take Georgia, Fulton County was blue, the rest of the state was red. Get with those folks where lucrum lives. They will not vote for a black man at any price. No matter what.
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  9. Let's step back and look at the obvious. You got three candidates with a shot at the GOP nomination. You get this nomination by winning state caucuses / primaries.

    Mittens is trailing Cain in the current national polls; but he is well financed. His staff looks at the polls and sees Cain as the main competition and Perry self-destructing.

    Mittens has a big problem in addition to trailing in national polls; he is losing in 2 early state votes: SC & Iowa.

    Look at the IOWA poll results (RCP average):

    It shows Cain ahead by +4.6.

    Same story in SC, Cain has a small lead. NH is the exception where Mittens is way ahead.

    If Mittens campaign lets matters stand, Cain wins 2/3 of the early elections and gets MO on his side.

    Dug up dirt on Cain is the result.

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  10. Lucrum


    :D You really should stick to performing enemas RCG. My county historically votes 75% republican in presidential elections. They don't give a shit who he is or what color his skin is. And while Cain is not IMO the best choice, I WILL certainly vote for him should he get the nomination. But then I'll vote for ANYONE but your buddy Odumbo.

    You actually think all those "red necks" will vote for Odumbo instead?
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