SMC Big profits - Anyone try it?

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  1. Been looking around at a few home job offers. Always looking for new ways to make money. Have anyone tried SMC Big profits?

    Is it a scam?

    Are there any LEGIT home job programs out there?
  2. Working at home opportunities are ripe with scam artists. One thing you'll learn is that these so called investigative reports are really just paid advertisements. Think penny stock news letters.
    SMC is legit as far as it's a real company with real products. They have been around for decades. Buy wholesale, sell retail. Sounds easy, eh? That's until you find everybody and their brother is doing it. Sure you can make a few bucks at it. You can make a few bucks selling Amway. Most won't make enough to make it worth their time.
    What you'll find in the work from home, be an independent contractor market is that there is much more money being made in selling the "opportunity" than is actually made running the business you bought in to. Think trading systems. Same scam.
  3. Thanks, very informative!

    I remember a while back I bought a Forex automated system bla bla bla. Worst thing I ever bought! :)

    Thanks again.

  4. Anyone else try it, or something simular?
  5. I hear stuffing envelopes is big business.
  6. Illum


    Was a story during the boom times that people were buyin products and shipping them overseas for a profit. This was done though "do it at home" companies. Electronics mostly. Avoiding the vat taxes I guess. Except.. it was W/e good luck.