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    It is a good course. Making it available for those that are serious about learning and willing to put in the time and effort.

    This live 10-week program will guide you step-by-step to discover 10 different professional trading strategies that can help you become a consistently profitable trader.
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    LOL Listen, if trading only took 10 weeks, everyone be making money, learning to trade takes few years if you are going to make it at all. What is less important than signals is knowing when not to take trades and that means learning charting like it was air you need to breath, you have to instantly know what is going on by looking at thousands of charts and train yourself when not to take signals, but you have much reading and study and develop your ideas by backtesting on when not to take signals. Then comes risk management, protective stops, the what if's of trading after you get into a position, how do you manage the existing trade, then last are signals, but every one wants to get in first and have no idea what to do after.

    If these bozo's could trade, lousy $2500 can be made in one day, why work with the masses cause it really takes good amount of time to learn the ins and outs.
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    Totally agree. No argue with the above post. I couldn't have articulated better. I just wanted to be short. :)

    Please read my post. It clearly states that it is good if "You are willing to put in time."

    Nothing good will happen without hard work, dedication, commitment and most importantly willing to face failure and learn from them.

    This is just a guide. Text book that you get with the class. That doesn't guarantee an A or graduation.
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    are you just a cynical ole dude or doeth thou speak from experience? Unfortunately, me thinks you are correct.
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    SMB selling trading education is an indication that SMB traders cannot trade profitably. If they could, they wouldn't be selling their techniques, they would be using the techniques to make money. SMB isn't in the business of trading; it's in the business of selling educational materials about trading.
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    If you going to put in the time, you can do yourself.

    Before puking down thousands of bucks, how are they going to show you they even trade those systems? You buy a car, they have to produce the car and you take test drive, you buy a farm, you better have wells inspected so even there some bs going on you can sue the living hell out of them, see what I am getting at, granted having the book not going to get you an "A", if you don't open the book. You can do very nicely with ONE signal to get in, but I question if they have all the chart patterns of when not to take that signal. Sign up for the 2 weeks, make sure you make copies before you buy showing a refund, check out BBB, check the web for people who complained, check out individual names.

    If you only knew how often I bought crap in past 39 years, you be amazed, between going for one on one seminars, airfare, lodging, food, rental car then go and figure out you know more that guy teaching you...The worse was George Lane, he had a sidekick showing me stochastics, then afternoon George take me around showing me his real estate holdings, no wonder he asked for certified check. I went to Larry Williams house once as I complained about something he sold me was not holding up to what he said on phone, which I taped and told him it was taped, so he gave me freebie that wasn't worth anything either. He was charging 10 grand for a day of it with other ten. Many more times where I was learning something I was far better at than them.

    I just tired of all new traders blowing big money when they going to have to tackle it for years anyway.
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    You nailed it. Anybody wants to charge huge fees in the thousands are out to skin the sheep. There is no secret method. Just the market process. Learn it. Trade it. Takes LOTS of time. LOTS of work.
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    LOL, there are secret methods, you work anything long enough, you stumble into them. Then the big commercial or hedge funds never tell, and if they even take a phone call from anyone, they will say retracements or breakouts, secret anything are never revealed and why they are secret. But you don't need 95 signals cause most don't have a clue where to begin. Have to know charting and the simple stuff first, patterns, then after that you google refined patterns for risk management, when not to take trades, most traders been at this awhile are within 1.5 trades a day of being breakeven, and easy to see why they not as they take trades take have lower percentage to work based on charting. Not one book has all the answers, what I am always wanting is a small piece of an idea which might make me trigger more ideas to test out.

    And have to test couple thousand hours for system to perform to your likening, you work thousands of hours to make one viable method, just like ball players or surgeon, they have to watch and test for years and even when they get good, they keep at it.

    One of the problems of ET members, early on traders taught much more how to trade and now most are secret, it is far harder for new traders to even know where to start.

    Grumpy Old man-luv that movie

    My first seminar.
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    One person or ten thousand knowing their trading techniques makes no difference, only edge in retail trading is risk management. SMB is laughing all the way to the bank! Selling education is just another revenue stream.

    PS strictly speaking there is no edge in retail trading.
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    If this were true, none of us would be here.
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