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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by stock777, Mar 31, 2011.

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    Our best AM Idea for today, which we highlighted in our AM Meeting is to get long QIHU on a pullback to 35.00 with a target to 40.00

    Now I don't want to pick on a man when he's down, but a firm that claims to tutor the newbie should not be posting crap like this in public unless they want to be humiliated. Yep, like a stopped clock some of these coin flips work out , but many do not.

    A good trader taking this ridiculous trade might have lost only .50 to 1 point, but the average shmuck might have ridden it down in prayer mode.

    This is the problem with books written with cherry picked charts. You never get to see all the failed trades and the writers aren't about to tell you about them. You find out realtime, with your money.
  2. Surely they don't have many "traders" taking this crap a$$ advice?!? and at this point seems clear they never will.
  3. This can't be their 'best' advice, but it serves as fair warning to anyone that thinks posting after the fact analysis is the same as realtime trading.
  5. How does any firm determine "target to 40" for a daytrade on an IPO stock that has very limited price history?

    Yes, indeed a coin flip.
  6. Hindsight is always 20/20 and if someone did blindly buy this at 35 it would have been awful but if you take a closer look it could have been an OK setup for a bullish flag from the day before w/ a breakout @ ~$35.. if someone was trading the stock and wanted to be extra aggressive could have gotten short at $34.50 when the flag was defeated for a good day I think?
  7. try shorting a second day ipo
  8. 4/1/2011

    Our best AM Idea for today, which we highlighted in our AM Meeting is to use 24.00 and an inflection in EBIX, long above and short below.

    not bad if they were trying to honor April fools day

    try this guys

    Our best AM idea for today is to short GOOG if its going lower and buy it if its going higher. If its not moving, reread my book One Hindsight Trade
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    do their own traders trip over each by following these recommendations? do they give the public the same recommendations as their in house people ?
  10. Did you have a bad experience with these guys?
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