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  1. Has anybody tried this?

    Comparing to TopStep you start with more size, but get less share of your profit.

    Since it's difficult for me to trade with 2 lots that TopStep requires when starting (I prefer hedging/spreading, scaling in and out), I'm considering SMB. But before commiting would like to know first if they will ban me from moving to another company after passing the Tryout and signing a contract with them.
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    I'm no expert or lawyer, but most non-competes that have language are non-enforceable unless they pay you to not complete. You gotta eat.
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    Is this another sponsor with lots of ET newbies?
  4. The company is quite recognizable prop-shop, however not heard of anyone trading with them remotely.
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    Yeah I forget who kept touting them and had some banter back and forth with another ( also touted Traderdock) .. The second person listen to a webinar and said they wanted like $2000 plus ???
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    The carrot dangles on a string, the prop shops want your money.

    We have to be near a historical top - selling the dream has become wildly profitable. Traders were once despised by the general public, a crash or a nasty bear market will give us the much needed purge.
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    Guru was found. Activities like any other, we are no different from poker players or esports. So don't create an atmosphere of mystery around trading, you're not the chosen one.
  8. I don't think selling the "tryouts" is their main business, like TST/OneUp etc. Not sure how they are doing now but they had their office with trading floor in NY, and their founder wrote some known trading books.

    Would be good to hear from someone who passed the tryout and is trading with them remotely.

    Seem reliable to me though I don't see myself trading for them in the long term hence this thread.

    I had an experience with TopStep, though trading with 2 lots was very ineffective for me, couldn't get further in their scaling plan. Looking for an alternative.
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    BUT IS there a tryout or does IT cost $2000 or more to get started with them ??? Someone in a thread a while back watched a webinar and stated that ??
  10. From what I see on their page, the tryout is for $325 a month, and looks like it is their main recruiting tool for futures division. Apparently after passing you can even earn a seat on their trading floor if you live nearby.

    There is also an offer of trainings up to $3000 if you want to learn how to trade. But nothing stated that they require you to take it.
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