SMB Capital - Reading The Tape Course

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  1. Does anyone have first hand experience with this course ?

    I have a profitable trading method but I lack skills in tape reading Level 2 and order execution and want to improve my results.

    $1700 seems reasonable but I was hoping for some feedback from others that have gone through it.

  2. more than 99% of these offerings don't work. The only thing you will learn, is you should not send $1,700 to ANYONE without an AUDITED track record/verifiable broker statements with good stats, a long history, a free trial, etc. etc. And why would you spend $1,700 based on anonymous replies to an ET thread? How would you know it is not a vendor shill or someone yanking your chain?

    This tape is likely the only money the "teacher" makes with his method...

  3. Thanks for the 2 cents but I do believe in paying for information IF that information is worth the value asked for.

    I'm not some newbie looking for a pie in the sky.

  4. If you know of a better resource for Level 2 education I would love to hear them.

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  6. This "firm" is a joke on the street. I would stay away. Part of StockTwits crew, enough said
  7. If you can figure out what "SMB" truly stands for, then you'll have your answer...
  8. T3Live offers a course that is similar and includes 3 weeks of trading on their NYC trading floor. It focuses alot on tape reading in the first week of the course. Lectures are taught by the firm's top traders including Scott Redler and Marc Sperling.
  9. If you did not get this, then you are definitely a newbie or are spamming for the course.

    newbies chase unsubstantiated systems and then find out they are valueless. You keep this thread alive, and expect some anonymous poster to help you make the decision? Several have responded - are you going to circle for months until you get confirmation from a 9-post person you never met?
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