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  1. could anybody share his experience with this outfit either good or bad or T3Live a.k.a Lightspeed.
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    They are charging 10k for "training" and giving a couple of "scholarships" per training class for free training.

    They have what seems to be a good program and good career path, but are likely losing a lot of worthy candidates by taking on too many people for training and charging. I think it would be more beneficial for the firm to take less people on and be more selective and not have to charge or whatnot
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    I've read here that they offer 50:1. However, their official reply is 10:1 and can be increased with profitability.

    I'd say a person wanting to trade with them @ 10:1 is going to need to go there with much more than 10k if they plan on making a living...
  4. 10k? thats outrageous.

    those masters of the universe need pikers money so bad they have to bleed them up front.

    How does that work, do you actually have to front a 10k fee before you sit down?
  5. I believe this was the firm from the show "Wall Street Warriors" where they took recent college grads without charging for training. I also agree with you that if they have a good program, then they can be more selective and not charge.

    Perhaps they've discovered it's more profitable to get up front money through education.
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    Also known as fleecing the naive. SMB talks the talk, but they don't walk the walk.
  7. so it seems that SMB and T3Live do not have many fans here so give me a recommendation where you would go.

    A prop firm can have many advantages :
    but I don`t need to be funded or being trained since I have over 3 decades under my belt but I am always open to new things or learning from better traders than myself.
    I am looking for an outfit where I can benefit from the synergy of good traders to improve my P&L otherwise I can stay at home and stay by myself.
    I thought Scott Redler from T3Live seems to be a very good and accurate trader but if you telling me here that sitting in their office in Manhattan makes no difference to reading his market commentary from home that would be dissapointing.
    If you were with SMB and the guys sitting next to you change every 6 month because they have blown up their accounts that would be a waste of my time also because where would be the benefit for an experienced guy like myself.
  8. I trade out of T3's west coast location. It is always better to be in an office, more ideas floating around.
  9. I think they are more of a training sales firm than a trading firm i.e. they sell trading strategies for $10k which can be found on the net for free.

    But the Italian boss wrote a good book.
  10. Todays genius from SMB

    Our best AM Idea for today, which we highlighted in our AM Meeting is to get long CSTR above 44.00

    As of 10:40 , that was the hod, now 43
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