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    Anyone have experience with these guys?
    Appreciated any inputs.
  2. Just a sub LLC of Prestige. They're in the same building and basically just a small group ( 3partners w/ 10 other traders) that sits in the back on the sixth floor.
    The biz model doesn't make much sense for the trader.
  3. Yes, everyone should make their own decision. I'm just posting my opinion from a brief meeting with the firm.
    I met the partners. Three very nice, and professional guys. No doubt about it.
    Professional and clean office in a fun section of Manhattan (Union Square). Easy subway commute.
    It was actually a difficult decision for me because they did seem like a good group of guys( and one young lady I think ). I thought about it the whole ride home.
    However, I think trading style-wise, the firm was not a good fit for me. And I might be wrong in making that decision based on one hour of observation.
    Please don't PM me about the details in regards to the style.
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    thanks to both of you
  5. Actually, we have 25 traders committed to our desk. Respectfully, the best way to lean about us is to visit our website and/or meet with us. Everything else is just someone else's opinion. Certainly, we are not a good fit for every day trader. Clearly, we were not a good fit for uptik2000. I remember spending time with him. In fact, we liked him a lot. We respect his decision to trade elsewhere and wish him the best of luck.
  6. SMB is a sub of dimension brokerage, not prestige. prestige is just another LLC at dimension. the guys who run SMB are fine by me but i have no comment on prestige.
  7. Anyone know how much the usual trader at SMB Cpital makes?
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    Just watch MojoHD! :)
  9. .006 per share for new hires
  10. I could be wrong but I think trading a firm's money or ( using your money plus high leverage) is the same thing. WHY? Because the bottom line is, it's YOU who have to take care of your losses. Your salary is what left(after trade commission/firm commision...& YOUR losses). The firm doesnot pay for your losses.

    So, even when you use your firm to trade, it doesnot mean you should/could "go wild" & place big bet (knowing the risks are much higher that what YOU can afford to lose). You should use the same caution trading firm's money as with your own money.

    Correct me if I am wrong.
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