Smashing Equipment in Anger?

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  1. I am wondering how many traders have smashed their monitors or other equipment in anger from taking a loss?

    Is it wrong to kick my dog or slap something (wish it was my wife) to blow off steam.

    What do you break to make yourself feel better and let that internal volcano loose??
  2. Redneck


    I had the break myself

    After that - its been all good

  3. In 1994 I was short some yen calls and was working the puts when Lloyd Bentsen came out with some weak-dollar comments. Immediate 60 pips on some size. IIRC I threw the computer into a snow bank (Compaq). I reversed and did ok on the trade, but the computer was toast.
  4. Glad to hear it was a Compaq! Not to get off of the subject but Compaq and HP computers suck.
  5. Fah Q

    Fah Q

    dont kick your dog. punch a hole in the wall but do not take it out on your poor dog.
  6. someone who would kick their dog for something like a loss that the dog had nothing to do with shows maturity issues.
    are you a man or a boy?
  7. I am Manbearpig and that should say a lot for my maturity level!

    Just to make it clear "Not Very Mature" and that is why I trade! Otherwise I would have a real job..
  8. maybe you should work on that. lack of emotional control and immaturity is probably not a good thing if you plan to last as a trader. this is a business not a game. just saying.
  9. Hurting an animal is a pretty horrible thing to do no matter what. Anyone who would do that has issues.

    About breaking stuff... I was at a division in Merrill when BofA came in and canned all 304 of us on the same day, without notice. We knew it was coming but had no idea it was going to be so soon and without warning.

    It was pretty funny to watch some of the guys. Laptops flying across the office like frisbees, old school 20" CRT monitors smashed everywhere, guys were picking up their workstations, lifting them over their heads and smashing them on the floor, etc. Pretty much anything that wasn't bolted down to the walls or floors was smashed and broken. I'm sure BofA didn't really care in the grand scheme of things but at the time 50+ traders going crazy on a floor built for 300 guys turned into a disaster.
  10. Dec 2008?
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