Smash Me Bernie:complete with gold hammer

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  1. New! SMASH ME BERNIE Bernard Madoff Ponzi Fraudster Doll

    Offering a collectible figure in the likeness of Bernard Madoff._ It's the perfect gift for that special person who used to have everything, but lost it all to Bernie Madoff._ Smash-Me-Bernie is a seven-inch-tall figure created in the likeness of disgraced Ponzi Scheme fraudster Bernie Madoff. In a time of recession, someone you know would be happy to have a way to let off some steam._ All you have to do is scrounge up a few bucks from the remains of your portfolio. For that, you get the pitchfork-wielding doll created in Madoff's likeness, complete with a red devil suit. It comes with a gold "commemorative" hammer, for the purpose of pulverizing Mr. Madoff in effigy._ Like a sinister version of Tickle-me-Elmo, Smash-Me-Bernie is intended to be a form of toy therapy.