Smartphones for mobile trading

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Cutten, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. Cutten


    Anyone tried trading or accessing quotes/charts using the new smartphones, such as the ones with the Opera browser (e.g. SonyEricsson P800/900, Nokia 6600), also the MS powered Motorola MPx200? I like the idea of being able to check up on quotes & charts when I am away from my trading desk, but find most PDAs too big & cumbersome to carry around all the time.

    Also does anyone know of good software for mobile realtime charts, quotes & news?
  2. lojze


    OK, Cutten, but how about chart systems, like Qcharts, eSignal or so on mobile phones?

    Are CPU's there quick enough and memory big enough?

    Also, how about the speed of service of mobile operator - is normal GSM quick enough (probably not ...). Is Edge the right and quick enough?

  3. yes, i use the samsung i 500 with quotron and hillcast tech installed. happy with it !

    surfer :)
  4. Does hillcast Charts can be zoomed in and out
    within different "minute" time frames?

    Quotrek can't zoom in and out any time frame.
    Quotrek just offers time interval, where you can't
    move back charts from right to left.