smarter? economics or engineering?

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    okay this a going to be a silly topic...

    but who do you think is smarter, an economics major or an engineering major?
  2. The engineer -- in college they are required to pass higher levels of mathematics than econ majors.

    Or, consider this -- engineers are right over 99% of the time (the vast majority of bridges never fall down), while economists are lucky to be right 50% of the time :)
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    but who has the potential to make more money....hehhehe
  4. An economist can predict 90 of the last 5 recessions so I don't believe they are very good at making money whereas an engineer may design a new product and become a wealthy enterpreneur.
  5. Engineering most definitely, it requires a more analytical and rigorous approach to solving problems.

    and if we are talking about money, economists are not rich people either. also I could go get any job out of college with an engineering degree that a economics major could get.

    I feel this statement I am qualified to make, since I am both an engineering and economics major. In my experience, engineering classes are undeniably more difficult and contain brighter students.
  6. Well consider this: In physics there are 3 laws that describe 97% of the phenomena. In economics there are 97 laws that describe 3% of the phenomena.
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    Read posts by Southamerica. I rest my case.
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    okay now let's put a little twist...

    remember, book smart does not mean you have higher earning power..

    let's not focus on who can calculate numbers more accurately and focus on the real world.

    We all know that business majors are very common which is the reason why there are more of them and which would mean there are more that are less successful...

    but who has the potential to make more, someone with an engineering mindset or someone with a business mindset?
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    for example...

    Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak?
  10. You are obviously disappointed in that no one is agreeing with you. You want someone to say the economics major has some kind of advantage when it comes to business.

    The truth of the matter is anyone with drive and initiative can be wealthy, and your college major is of little importance in the outside world unless you are a doctor or lawyer.
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