Smart trading: Picking no lose stocks

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  1. IMO, the best trading strategy is choosing stocks that simply can't go lower, yet still good fundamentals.

    E.g. I was looking at KKD as such a possibility when it was around $6 plus about a month-- it was beaten and beaten, yet still had good fundamentals (sure enough, went up to $9 range).

    Which stocks do you vote for?
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    I already have a thread going, but I think that INTC looks quite interesting at these price levels. Probably best to wait for the next earnings release + forecast before taking a position though.



    INTC - waste of time
  4. I'm not expressing an opinion on ORCL, but it's not exactly beaten up.

    The ideal candidate: I was hoping to find something that took a dip, then a second dip with some news playing on people's fears--then in the end you see there was nothing so wrong in the first place.
  5. I'm watching HRB, that's a lay up.
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    TZOO is a bit trickier from a fundamental perspective, because it's still trading at a fairly high trailing P/E ratio of 45. I suppose that some of that has to do with the cash that its sitting on, as well as their growth. Come to think of it, I'm not sure that I've ever seen a very good explanation of how to factor growth expectations into the P/E of a stock, beyond forecasting future P/E ratios.


    sorry, I jumped in without looking at you criteria. my fault :)
  8. I hope to look into this one.
  9. Unbelievable what TZOO has done recently! After a gigantic move up with great news, wow was there a correction!!

    See the following thread about DRL which I believe fits exactly what I'm looking for.
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