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Discussion in 'Options' started by white17, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. white17


    Anyone else notice a problems with "smart" routing on friday ?

    I was trading the apr 25C on the QQQ. B/A was 1.65 x 1.75. I sent order to sell at 1.70 smart. ISE displays my order but "smart" does not. It executed without ever displaying on smart.
  2. ktm


    I've had many executions away from the market that never even print. The options data streams are iffy at best IMO. I was buying one contract Friday for $4 and the market was 4.50/5.25. I get executed at $4 and it never prints, nor does the B/A ever approach $4. This is not the first time and I'm certainly not complaining. I had 3 quote vendors with 2 separate sources of data. I don't even try to figure this stuff out any more.

    I guess I wouldn't feel this way if I was the poor bastard who put a market order out there to sell that contract.
  3. white17


    Yeah, no kidding ! I had a similar experience with a LEAP last week. Placed order to buy below the bid and it executed instantly. No complaints.