Smart Phone & i-Pad for charts & order entry?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by indexer, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. Yeah even though iTWS in "2X" mode doesn't look that great it really is quite functional on an iPad. I think even more so than on an iPhone, a lot less prone to fat fingering.

    This is iTeleport on an iPad remoted in to a PC with TightVNC server. I think it works quite well for slower paced order entry, swing trading etc.

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  2. maxpi


    I get the feeling that remoting to the desktop could be a good thing. I trade from Sierra Charts screen trader which requires no keyboarding at all... this has to be explored. Besides it's an excuse to get an iPad
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  3. That looks pretty good and the screen is big enough to make TWS usable once you get used to the touch screen and mouse taps. Nice handle btw if we ever get an Eddie Adams on ET we'll have a trifecta.
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  4. indexer


    My dream was always to trade while driving around. Seems doable with an i-pad, though I suppose you could get a pc with an air-card like the taxi drivers have and put it on a stand.

    The only thing is I don't drive around that much anymore.

    Still it would be nice to have an i-pad to carry around with you to monitor things, have charts you can see and trade without having to unfold a pc.

    Of course I don't trade as frequently either.
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    I heard Papoo is hiring drivers in Astoria.
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    Anyone try TeamViewer?
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  7. I use iTWS on the iPhone when I'm on the train during premarket hours. It has just the right number of required confirmation taps so that a single mis-tap doesn't become a disaster. Lack of real estate is a problem; while you're submitting or modifying an order, the only prices you see are of that one ticker. If I could have 9 independent iTWS's running on an iPad, tiled across the screen, that would be almost ideal.
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    I like the IB Iphone app. Unfortunately lots of valueable features known from the TWS are still missing.
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  10. FWIW I just found and installed IB's mobileTWS for the iPad. First impressions - it looks pretty and uses the whole iPad display! Charts were DOA on my paper account but do display correctly when I log in with my 'real' account. Seems VERY basic so far...
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