Smart people are lonely, are traders lonely. (not talking about paid company)

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by FutTrd, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. FutTrd


    Okay here is the thing, we know that successful traders MUST be smart,

    Only if you have a rich daddy you don’t need to be smart to be successful.

    So if smart people are lonely, and traders are smart, many traders are lonely.

    I am not just talking about women here, how many traders have more than 1-2 good friends.

    Keep in mind, guys who are with you for sake of copying what you do are not what I am talking about

    I am talking about good friends. :eek:
  2. yeah i guess traders are a lonely bunch. There arnt that many people in the world who can understand why u would risk your capital, income and security in order to what most people consider gamble.

    Most people have a romantic image of a carefree amoral speculator who makes millions sleeping. Couldnt be furthur from teh truth
  3. profession has nothing to do with friends.

    If you want friends, you got to go out and make them, socialize. Put in the effort.

    you can be a garbage man and have plenty of friends.

    If you are a trader with millions in the bank and think you are above everybody else, you obviously, won't be making any friends.