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    anybody use it for the speed consistantly and have success?Whats the best route for speed and fills?
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    I use it all the time. It's fine.

    Beware of options to be exercised.


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    im considering IB right now but the hassel of carrying 25k min. is the only prob. I would like prop but got burned before- it makes it very hard to trade knowing you may not get paid or your deposit returned.Also IB only has 2x marg if that .But you get all your hard earned profits.....ive talked to other IB traders they dont sweat transfers or payouts- big relief.Any other downsides i should be aware of?
  6. iuykcif


    > but the hassel of carrying 25k min ?

    > knowing you may not get paid or your deposit returned

    what are you talking about??

  7. teck


    just what i said unless they chaanged to pattern day trade rule.....the moment you go below 25k they stop the account . With prop you can put down 5-10k get 10x marg.....cant believe you didnt know that .....but you risk gettin in with a shady firm, also you split profits any were from 40/60 to 90/10
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    I still I do not know what you are talking about.

    That's an exchange rule and applies to every broker.

    What do you mean with the sentence "knowing you may not get paid or your deposit returned" ?

  9. teck


    doesnt apply to prop , retail yes , some of these firms rip off their traders , i lost money myself .....scroll down the forums youll see retail - "prop" is underneath
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    What's your point ?

    That most prop are scams ?

    The statement should probably be instead that, many scammers or defrauder think that "pretending" to be a prop firm is a good idea for a scam.

    There are so many losers and desperate willing to believe the scammers.

    Desperation and frustration make the people mental faculty even lower.

    We have a good example here with the ET-Cop frustrated loser archetype.

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