Smart Order Routing Services

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by mrvizion, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. I'm quite sure something like this has been posted here before ,but I'm wondering if there are any services out there that charge less than $4500 a month for services. In addition to their per entry fees....I saw a service on here a year or so back also that looked good, but I forgot the name of it, so I'm wondering if anyone could point me to a few good ones besides hyperfeed . In addition to anyone knowing any good prices out there on them. Thanks in advance

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  2. Does no one really know this here?
  3. Julius


    it's a standard built in feature at most platforms nowadays. IB has it and i had good experiences with it.

  4. Yeah sorry my friend ... I was thinking a bit differently then that..I'm mostly concerned about confirmation of getting in and out using the dealers of my choosing...Which could be a major bank but I will check out IB for the moment...Do they also offer the services for Spot Forex, because that is what I'm interested in?
  5. most direct access softwares have an api that you can connect to and you can use all their lines.

    just to name a few.

  6. I'm actually well aware of that... thank you.. I don't think you may realize that I am thinking bigger than that...but thank you for posting...I appreciate your time
  7. If you are a bd then there are others, but they cost more than the 4k or so you mentioned above.

  8. Yeah I could believe it...that's why I was trying to make sure I had the best deal before I jumped on it...Thanks again though