Smart money, supply, demand, volume..

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by paperboy, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. Do you know of any book or other resources that explains how the markets work? What makes them move. Smart and dumb money, 50% etc....etc

    Thank you!!
  2. Harris's "Trading and Exchanges" is pretty comprehensive.
  3. Thanks Bearbelly! Does the book explain something about how to find weak money and the stop thresholds?
  4. I quite like Tom Williams 'undeclared secrets that drive the stock market'. Its based on Wycoffs work. Its probably worth starting with Wycoff if you havent been there already. The little book he wrote under the psuedonym Rollo Tape is a good intro. DBPhoenix wrote some pretty good free stuff - search here and you will get to it. Theres a couple of others that escape my memory right now.

  5. Not really. Its more of a text book covering all the different players, trading instruments and markets. I think you may be looking for something different.
  6. Thanks everyone :)