Smart Money Sells Straddles!

Discussion in 'Options' started by shortie, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. so i heard over the grapevine

  2. Short straddles in a trending market = suicide :D
  3. smart money says nothing , and books profits quietly.
  4. Why are u near grapevines during winter ?

    No wonder u get such shitty information.
  5. smart money don't care about trading playing doesn't have time for options...waste of capital and waste of time trading options.

    there is only 1 billion in the options market pot..not enough in options market to make worthwhile for smart money

  6. There's the true wisdom for y'all option losers... Read it and weep, 'cause the God of Mkts has spoken.
  7. The smart money is the market makers. They are typically collared--short puts (from the panickers buying at inflated prices); long calls (from the buy-writers) and short the underlying (more buyers than shorters). Small profits but lots of them. We can't replicate this for we can't get the favorable spread nor the favorable commissions.
  8. aripplet


    what a joke.

    check the liquidity of the whole options market.
  9. Look at the O/I in the SPY and QQQQ. If the options expired in the money, the net payoff for the O/I is still closer to a billion than to 10s of billions...
  10. I grew up on a farm with grapes and a winery.

    That's when the vines are pruned to insure a plentiful crop for the coming year. You want all the growth to go into fewer vines.
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