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Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by veggen, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. veggen



    I was wondering if anybody could tell me what amount of contracts would be considered smart money in NQ?

    The reason I am asking is because I am going to adjust my filter, but not shure how big.

    Thanks for any help.

  2. Surdo


    Just put a 50 contract filter on T&S, 100 really filters out too much,
    notice I did not use the word CAR!

    You will see more "momentum" on a volume chart than times and sales, when the volume picks up on say a 5000 share chart, you will see more bars, IMO, easier to detect a trend than a "fast" T&S.

    What is smart money as opposed to dumb money, most smart money trades small or averages in these days!

    good trading,

    E S
  3. veggen


    Thanks for your answer.
    I will try using 50 contracts as filter.
    I did not use the word CAR eather :p
  4. Surdo


    It's spelled "either", is Eeenglish your 2nd language?
  5. veggen


    Sorry about that. Yes, I am from Norway, Europe. Norwegian is my first language, English second.
  6. Surdo


    ' sorry about making fun of your spelling.
    I always wanted to see a fjord!
  7. If possible, could you please post a chart? What platform allows this setup?

  8. veggen


    No worries!

    Yeah, you should definitely see a fjord once! Its a beauty.

    If you live of your trading, than there should be no problems! Just bring your laptop and trade in your hotel :p
  9. Surdo


    Both TS and NT have this ability.
  10. veggen


    sierra charting also!
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